Is Boardroom Meetings Dying?

Do you believe that boardroom meetings are still relevant in a technologically advanced world? Does it matter if the members of your company use mobiles and laptops to connect with each other? What are the future of boardroom meetings and what should they involve?


In the present-day board meetings, they still have a lot of relevance and we can trace back the roots of the modern boardroom meeting to the 1930s. Back then, business executives used to hold big gatherings where they discussed all things and how they would be benefited from the move.


In order to enhance the efficiency of the board room meetings, the attendance and debate on any subject were done by “naked men” (thus the term naked board room by Even today, board room meetings still manage to be incredibly relevant but rather than having people seated around a table, the modern format involves directors and boards who are able to communicate, work in teams, and get to know each other.


But in order to improve these board room meetings, a number of innovations have been introduced. Perhaps the most modern and important innovation is to use video conferencing. It has made it possible for companies to hold their meetings using audio and video equipment at the same time.


Boardroom meetings are not only more convenient but have made it easier for people to stay connected.


So, is this the end of the boardroom meetings or is this just the beginning of a digital era? Should there be a boardroom meeting?


Certainly, it makes sense to have board room meetings but the boardroom meetings may be different from the traditional board room meetings in some ways. The traditional board room meetings were still used in the corporate world. By being traditional, they could still maintain their relevance in the present day environment.


In today’s board rooms, they are different. Instead of waiting until the end of the session to convene, they can now hold meetings on the fly and record and upload the meeting minutes. They can have a meeting on one day and be recorded, uploaded and have another meeting on the next day.


If there are questions on the agenda for the next meeting, they can go through the board room with board members. If a leader needs some support, they can seek out some members in order to get the ball rolling. So, our board room meetings now the main component of business?


As of the digital age, this has become a reality and a necessity. The board meetings are no longer held by the traditional way but instead the meeting is recorded and uploaded digitally, and can be accessed from anywhere.

Is the boardroom meeting dead?


Well, it is not totally dead because there are still a lot of executives who see the relevance of having a board meeting. These executives are using mobile phones and other personal computing devices to get information, get information, and help them with decisions.


Ultimately, the board room meetings will continue to be relevant but it depends on how many of us agree. Does everyone agree with this and the digital era?