Online stores for gamers and online stores for fans of comics from the paper to the digital century. The study of market analysis in gaming is of great importance, since it affects the choice of those who are responsible for the companies that publish what they go on every day in order to “form” most of each person’s knowledge. This study includes games that each of us has recognized since childhood. No literature has been published in our country, at least a few months ago. The reasons are unknown, but it is known that one of the obstacles that must be overcome if someone wants to write on this topic is the ability to contact the main actors in this sector: publishers. In addition, it should be noted that the profession of a cartoonist is often underestimated, although he has nothing to envy as a regular writer, writer or artist.

The reasons why online shopping for comic book enthusiasts have been around for many years. One of them is the ease that this type of work seems to convey to the reader, and this sometimes plays to the detriment of the genre. The other – more significant and possibly more serious – is historical in nature and concerns the destruction suffered by the comic in the fifties, and that only the Code of Comics was partially mitigated. Therefore, there is only one book on the comic book market, and it was published by a small publishing house that wanted to shed light on some aspects of the comic book world, but cannot be considered exhaustive, given the complete lack of bibliography for reference and the reluctance of some companies in the sector to publish their sales data and handling.

Thus, here this thesis proposes to overcome, at least in part, the literary void created by studying and explaining how the comic book market in the world works with an eye on customers.

Online stores for gamers. In this section, we have gathered information from the help sector by examining articles published in specialized magazines and various online blogs. In addition, reports published by the publishers’ association, as well as conference texts on the publishing world, comic book history books and related evolution, were fundamental to market analysis and research. in print and digital publications.

Thanks to the data studied, the behavior of companies and the rapid growth of the e-book market were revealed, in which supply and demand are still not satisfied due to the significantly larger size of the former compared to the latter. This situation is mainly due to the fact that companies exhibit ambiguous and unsafe behavior in relation to the digital environment, still preferring a traditional book. Progress was noted towards entering the market of electronic publications of small and medium publishing houses, which turned out to be more “bold” than large publishing groups. The second part of. The analysis of the comic book market and the role of each actor in it, on the contrary, turned out to be the main and fundamental argument for achieving the goal of this work.

It was in this part that we wanted to better explain the functioning of the sales chain, starting with the real creators of the product (authors) and ending with the end consumer (reader). This was made possible thanks to the presence of representatives of various players in the chain:

• The authors

• Publishers

• Distributors

• Comics / Newsstands / Bookstores

• Readers.

Some of them chose to remain anonymous, others are mentioned in gratitude. In particular, the underlying evidence was the authors who wanted to talk about their experience working with Italian and French companies, as well as consumers who decided to answer the survey proposed by the author of this thesis and disseminated on the network through word-of-mouth social networks and thus viral diffusion reaches 600 participants.

Questions were selected based on information collected by other participants in the chain so that they could be compared and extracted from them. The size of the statistical sample shows how effectively demand in Italy is very high, and that this is not always recorded by those who offer.

For publishers, a network of personal knowledge was used (in addition to traditional means). Unfortunately, not all those who contacted answered, but those who decided to take the time could perfectly explain what the situation is and how it is compared with foreign markets. Distributors were contacted personally, but only one of them became available. However, this was enough to understand the role of these companies in the sales chain and how important it is.